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Our history is connected to the history of home health care in Brazil. We are a Brazilian company founded in 1994 and managed by physicians who believe in the value of life and in the importance of good health care practices.We are pioneers in the home care industry and are proud of having contributed to its expansion and consolidation in the country.Throughout our history, we have refined our management system, modernized our corporate environment, and focused on working with responsibility, quality, and safety to provide the best services to clients and patients.Committed to acting responsibly and ethically, we have been able to innovate processes, encourage new behaviors, and, therefore, contribute to the consolidation of the private health insurance system in Brazil.

Our São Paulo Unit has been certified with level 3 excellence in management and care practices by the Brazilian Organization for Accreditation (ONA). Other units have adopted the same practices, ensuring more safety for patients and efficient results for clients.

In addition, we have been chosen by the market as the best home care company in Brazil, receiving the “Top Hospitalar” award for six consecutive years and the “Top of Business” award for four years.We know the value of health and, therefore, are constantly evolving in order to meet market demands.
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To be a reference in the home care market due to excellence and innovation in the services provided, constantly seeking sustainable growth, appreciation of human capital, and talent retention.

To promote, disseminate, and improve tailored health care solutions, focusing on qualified, safe, and responsible home care practices.

• Patient safety
• Quality of care
• Humane care
• Responsibility and ethics
• Respect and support to professionals
• Innovation and pioneering nature
• Sustainability

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